Welcome to the Apocalypse! (Happy New Year)

Needless to say with Britain’s vote to leave the EU and the election of Donald Trump as President of America, the apocalypse has never seemed so near at hand!  So to help you prepare for our impending doom and organise your scouting trips into the  wasteland, here’s a gift from us to you! Your very own Fallout themed Calendar. Just print it out and begin your transition to Vault life!


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These are the chords you’re looking for!

All in one place here we’ve got a bunch of songs from all you’re favourite fandoms with basic chords for each and everyone! Feel free to add your own in the comments or send requests for future songs. If any are unclear or incorrect feel free to comment and let us know and if there’s enough interest we’ll knock together a instructional video for any and all people require.

Have fun guys!































Come all ye Gamers, Of Cards and Dice and Tokens!

DIceTwas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
all the nerds they were stirring, they were rolling their dice…

The Holiday Period is a time of togetherness and what greater way to spend that time than around the gaming table? So here are our top picks for great games to play with your loved ones!



Sometimes you don’t want in depth character roleplaying or a rich back story. Sometimes you just want a giant Broad sword, to kick down the dungeon door, kill the monster, betray your friends and get the treasure. If that’s the case then Munchkin is the game for you! A card based game where you take out all the complex and heavy aspects of Dungeons and Dragons, leaving in the fun of the fight, the treasure and wonderful mechanics to encourage backstabbing. With hilariously designed cards and an open invitation to add your own cards (like those designed by the nerd eyes only team below) Munchkin, including its many expansions, is a fast paced furious game of hilarity and monsters!

Munchkin Play sets
Munchkin Deluxe Card Game
Munchkin Color Card Game
Munchkin Zombies Card Game
Adventure Time Munchkin
Munchkin Cthulhu Card Game

Home made Munchkin cards

– Nerd Eyes Only Home Made Munchkin Cards –



A card based game like our previous selection but with an entirely different flavour. Gloom, with it’s beautiful art style and brilliant layering mechanic on transparent cards, is a game where misery really does love company and the winner is the first one to murder their family. Gloom is a game where you tell the tragic story of a number of bizarre and Gothic families. Place your story cue cards upon the characters to ensure your family’s miserable death and to save the other families from theirs. This is definitely a game improved by a vivid imagination and a flare for storytelling, the key is to invest and enjoy!

Gloom Play Sets
Gloom Second Edition Card Game
Cthulhu Gloom Card Game
Gloom Second Edition Expansion: Unwelcome Guests
Gloom Second Edition Expansion: Unfortunate Expeditions
Gloom Second Edition Expansion: Unhappy Homes

Themed Monopoly – Star Wars, WOW, Doctor Who

WOW Monopoly

Obviously Monopoly is a classic Christmas time sink and occasional family feud impetus. But now with the huge numbers of nerdy variables; one can breathe life into the old game and enjoy a horde of new features and board tiles. Each new version allows for a world of new play in Azeroth, Middle Earth, The Land of OOO, a galaxy far far away, or in a big ball of timey wimey stuff.

Monopoly Play Sets
Marvel Comic Books Monopoly
Adventure Time Monopoly
The Hobbit Monopoly
DC Comics Monopoly
Star Wars Monopoly
World of Warcraft Monopoly
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monopoly
Doctor Who Monopoly
The Transformers Monopoly
Street Fighter Monopoly

Zombie Dice


It’s the Zombie Apocalypse and you, a newly minted member of the undead horde must with your pals search out some juicy juicy Braiiiiiiins….However, this new world of the undead is not without its trials and tribulations. Shotgun toting survivors and those too fast to catch, plague your shambling moments and you must eat 13 Brains to survive this day. A ridiculously simple game that does not belittle the joy that can be found by playing it. Zombie dice is at its core, just a cup of dice. However it is also a game of great versatility and accessibility for any number of players. The dice represent survivors of the zombie apocalypse with three possible outcomes; a Juicy Brain for the player, an escaped victim and an empty belly or a shot gun blast to the face! Each player takes turn to roll dice until one player wins by collecting 13 brains. One can save the brains you get or continue to roll until you either win or receive three shotgun blasts, at which point you lose any brains you’ve collected and have to start again on your next turn. Quick and easy to set up and play, this is probably the best game on our list to start any gaming session.

Zombie Dice play sets
Zombie Dice
Zombie Dice Deluxe
Zombie Dice : School Bus
Zombie Dice Bag
Zombie Dice: Brain Case
Cthulhu Dice

Card’s Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Another game whose simplicity hides a huge amount of fun, is Cards Against Humanity, a deck of cards used essentially to play a fill in the blank game with a twist. Now to make this very clear, this a game that can be wholly unsuitable for children depending on those playing and the cards you choose to use. At its heart it as a game meant for adults. Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, we can get on to the good stuff! With an incredible variety of card options, the game works to create the funniest, most disturbing and truly horrific sentences known to man. Helped along by the option to add in your own cards and a army of expansions this game will raise eyebrows and bring you to fits of laughter.

Cards Against Humanity decks
Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion
Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion
Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion
Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion



This selection is an odd one to explain, especially as the end of the game, and pretty much the purpose, is to end in a calamity or “fiasco” for the players. A roleplaying game based around a series of story twists dictated by the game mechanics and the choices of the players. It is a game where all the players start out with hopes and dreams and live to see them trashed by the end of the game!

Buy it here – Fiasco
Check out more Information here
Find supplementary downloads here

Elder Sign


Elder Sign is a cooperative card and dice game, based on the world of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Players randomly select their own monster (known as an Ancient One) to fight against. The aim of the game is to get elder sign tokens to “seal” or imprison it and avoid doom tokens which will awaken it to our world. Each player chooses an investigator to play as, each with unique abilities. Players take turns exploring a randomly generated room. If a player succeeds at completing all of the tasks in the room they are exploring, they obtain a reward, if they fail they receive a penalty. Rooms are explored until either the Ancient One is “sealed” or “awakened”. If the Ancient one is awakened, the investigators must fight it to defend the world, optimistically with next to no chance of success. Its is a game of anticipation and fear that embodies the feel of the literature it mimics perfectly!

Elder Sign play sets
Elder Sign: A Cthulhu Dice Game
Elder Sign Expansion: Unseen Forces
Elder Sign: Omens

 Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal At House On The Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a horror game where tiles are laid by the players to procedurally generate a new house to explore with every game. Characters enter the house and search the rooms for dangers, traps, items and omens until someone triggers the haunt (any of a number of scenarios outlined in the written material). At this point one of the players number (also unknown to said player until this point) is revealed as a traitor, with his own evil goals contrary to that of the other players. He or she must then seek to complete said goals with a host of new abilities and helpers. The rest of the team seek to stop them. It is a game with huge “replayability” and a wonderful way of bringing people together, especially against the new enemy in their midst!

Buy here – Betrayal at House on the Hill

Happy holidays everyone, hope you have as much enjoyment with these games as we did. Any alternate game suggestions are most welcome, so feel free to leave them in our comments section below!

Nerd Design Ltd

Decal available to buy here.

Loading Wall Decal Available here.

So your a Nerd and you’ve got a new room/place to decorate, there’s so many choices, so many things to think about, how much is too much and what should you do? Have no fear we have the answers! Here is a definitive guide to helping you deck out your new Nerd pad,from the slightly nerdy to the fortress of Nerditude!

First things first you need to start with a theme, that can be as basic as a colour scheme or as complicated as genre themed house or individual rooms. But the basis for any design project is the colours and themes that will dictate the finer details. The other thing to consider from the beginning is minimalism versus clutter. Will your nerd articles highlight a functional space or overrun it, both are good options but you need to decide before you start.

Nerd Walls

Left: Comic Strip Wall Art. Top Right: Loading Wall Decal, Available here. Bottom Right: Pacman Vinyl Art Posted here.

Now we move onto the fun stuff inspiration for your own designs…


First things first you need to decide what you want on your walls. Obviously you can go as basic as possible with a neutral colour of paint or plain wallpaper, have everything stand out from them or you can go a bit more adventurous.

Posters and art are an obvious choice for things that can change as you need them to. You also have the choice of using frames or going for the teenage loft feel using blue tack or thumb tacks. A good option can be making your own posters or signs by printing strait from your computer. For example there is a sign found in The Stanley Parable game which reads “NO DANGER, Nothing in this room will kill you.” a pretty easy sign to mock-up on the computer and quite funny to boot. If you haven’t played the Stanley parable I heartily recommend it, you can purchase it easily from steam here.

If you are particularly artfully inclined wall art is a great option, like the comic strip art shown in the picture above you can change the whole feel of a room and make a truly unique and personalised addition to your home. If you are not so inclined and don’t have a artistic friend who owes you or oodles of cash to hire a professional, have no fear there are other options for a similar feel. For example many different nerdy stores offer a wide range of stick on wall art decals and nerdy themed wallpapers to cover all your walls or just the odd one to highlight a space.


The conventional choice for your floors is obviously carpet. Same as the walls you can go plain and comfy or tie it in to the colour of other articles in your room. Or you can go for a more adventurous or complex design in and of itself. If you have wood or tiled floors or have decided that is the way you want to go it gives a few extra options to consider. The most obvious being rugs of every description that can tie a room together or be features in there own right. Also like the walls one can go arty with floor murals and If you happen to have a staircase to decorate, one can try options such as seen in the picture below, or some devising of your very own.

Nerd Floors

Left: Space Invader Staircase, Posted here. Middle Top: Totoro Bed  Available here. Middle Bottom: Prop Gun Decorations, Information available here.       Right: Book Spine Staircase, Information available here.


An easy option when dealing with furniture if you’re a dab hand with a needle is to reupholster with nerd themed bed sheets that can be picked up relatively cheap. Obviously you have the option to display all your best bought nerd goodies and even the option to buy new ones to be added to the collection. For help on this you can go to our other piece on nerd shopping found here.

The specifics for nerd furniture includes the gaming chair, the snack ready cooler or mini fridge. Then there are bed and Bedding to consider. In the bed department the key thing other than the obvious comfort is under bed storage be that draws or an improvised system to allow a great resource for storage and easy access to your goodies like games and movies in the bedroom. Obviously bedding comes in a wide variety star wars,Asian influence and just plain old black as a few examples.

Storage is massively important but particularly shelves, as a nerd one has undoubtedly collected a horde of figures, toys, models, Books, Games and Movies all of which find there best home on the humble shelf. Book cases, wall shelving and internal cupboard storage can all be great choices and offer yet another surface to decorate with your own individual nerdy flair(see book shelves pictured below for inspiration). Book ends especially allow you to create an instant nerd image with little cost e.g AT AT book end pictured below.

Nerd Furniture

Top Left: AT AT Bed, Posted here. Bottom Left: DIY TARDIS book shelf. Top Right: AT AT Book Ends Available here. Bottom Right: Nerdy entertainment centre, Posted here.


This next part is key to the home of any true nerd and that is the Tech. One must have the best Sound system with sub-woofer,wifi as standard, large flat screen TV, Gaming consoles and if you’ve got the cash a master race PC and some kind of wall projection system. A few other things to think about are wireless HDMi emitters to stream straight to your big TV from your PC for the purposes of gaming and Netflix. Make sure you have good wire organisation and ways to hide the accumulation of wires that come from owning all the tech to be a modern day nerd. To top this off you need a cool Entertainment centre to hold all of your cool gadgetry and also Sound Proofing to save from waking ones neighbors or room mates.


Windows while being a key feature of many rooms and the source of much needed natural light for the often house bound nerd (especially once you have completed setting up the parts of our last section) work as great places to show off your nerd as well. Curtains, Blinds and all kinds of hanging nik-naks can make it a window into your nerdy a soul as well as your room. Like on your walls decals are a great choice and a window sill makes a great shelf for added storage.

Nerd Mix

Left: Dalek Fridge Decal Information available here. Top Middle: Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal, Information Available here. Bottom Middle: Enter Key Door Mat – Available here.  Top Right: R2D2 Gaming centre, Picture/ Information here. Bottom Right: Gundam Room and Blind, Information Available here.


In the bathroom there is less to think about as generally it is considered a more utilitarian space. Chances for personalisation only really come in the form of the Shower curtain, Bath Mats, types of storage, porcelain/enamel/glass art or decals and the occasional nerdy themed toiletries e.g. Darth Vader bubble bath if you are that way inclined. But obviously all it really needs to do is function as a bathroom at the end of the day.


The Kitchen like the bathroom is a more functional space and so has less maneuverability for design. However, how you decorate your Storage, or White stuff fridge, microwave etc can lend a hand whether in specific nerdy design or colour coordinated with other more nerdy rooms. There is also obviously a host of nerdy to buy Utensils, cutlery and china available across the web.

Nerd Lighting

Top Left: Arcade Light Switches Information Available here. Bottom Left: Lightsaber Candlestick Available here. Top Middle: Lightsaber Lighting, Posted here. Bottom Middle: Thor Mjolnir Night Light, Avaialable here. Right: Han Solo in Carbonite Light Switch, Information Available here.


For a nerd lighting is also a key part of the decoration process, not only for it’s own design opportunities but so one can comfortably read comic books and game neither in the dark or under glare. A simple design point is the coordination between light switches and plug fittings, key to making the house look cohesive. One can also get inventive here as seen in the Han Solo in Carbonite and arcade button switches above. There is also the opportunity to go out of the box with the lightsaber or mjolnir lighting (again seen above) with very little work or more simple with nerd themed lamp shades or candelabras.


Granted not everyone has the advantage of a garden or outdoor space and many do not consider it in the design process. But here are a few ideas we came up with to inspire you to Yoda green thumbs.

Door mats are very easy to spray a design on all you need is a stencil and a can of black spray and sealant. For an example of how to do this check out this instructional video on sword and stitches here for a Hadouken design. Although we could come up with no ideas for how to nerd pimp a washing line, we’re sure its possible and if you come up with one we’d love to hear it. Obviously you also have your choice of furniture and garden decorations e.g Gnomes or lighsaber garden lights. All that is really needed to finish it off is a patio heater to keep you warm a BBQ to keep you fed and to make sure you can access the Wi-Fi from outside!

Well that’s it from us hopeful you will draw inspiration from our attempt to help and will create new feats of crazy nerd decoration we never imagined. Good Luck!

Nerd Decoration Mix

Left: Harry Potter Bedroom, Posted here. Middle: Star wars Art Available here. Right: Star Wars Bedroom, Posted here.

Helpful Links/Ideas

DIY’s on YouTube (e.g Swords and stitches, Paul Mason, Two broke geeks).
Ikea hackers – A large set of clever ways to assemble otherwise mundane furniture.
Nerd Design Pinterest – a collection of nerdy themed design idea photos.
ETSY – A web shop for handmade awesomeness.
Nerd Eyes Only shopping guide – our guide for buying nerdy on the web.
Charity shops – a great place to pick up all sorts of cheap design pieces.

Nerd Xmas Stocking

Shopping basket As nerds we are marked by fanatical love of all sorts of things and how better to express and show off that love than shopping for stuff. Clothes, figurines, toys, tech and art, all sorts of stuff to enrich our lives and enhance one’s nerd cred. But times are tough Christmas is racing towards us and with limited funds where is the best place to fulfill your nerd cravings and spend your cash? Have no fear we are here to help with our suggestions for the best Nerd shopping on the web!

amazon logo I know it should not be worth mentioning an obvious first stop for anyone searching to buy things, but we had to start with amazon. It is especially worth noting the masses of stuff available there second hand at ridiculously cheap costs, as well as a place to find items from other places on this list. Now that’s over with let’s move on to more interesting fair.


thinkgeek If you are unaware of think geek shame on you although based in the USA, with all the shipping costs that entails, it is a one stop shop for a huge store of nerdy things of every description. Also if you find something you like on their site there is every chance you can find it cheaper elsewhere like our first suggestion above.


etsy2Etsy is a mixed bag in oh so many ways but it hides treasures a plenty if you’re willing to seek them out. Literally everything you can think of from toys to art to full accurate movie costume replicas. We challenge anyone to spend a few hours on Etsy and not come away with a lighter wallet and arms full of swag. Here are some suggestions we came up with for some of our favourite Etsy stores.

http://www.etsy.com/shop/Hx5Designs (Nerdy Shirts, Mugs etc)

http://www.etsy.com/shop/MovieGunsInc (Movie Guns Prop Replicas)

http://www.etsy.com/shop/AltClick (Nerdy Art)

Dave's geeky jerseys Dave’s Geeky Hockey Jerseys is exactly what it says on the tin. It provides a score of designs of nerdy hockey jersey’s. What Designs are being sold go on a shifting pattern with peoples Interest, so if a particular design catches your eyes tell them so it can be in a future sale.


volante designBasically Volante design make cool Assassin Creed style coats. They do a bunch of designs in a bunch of different colours, to help pull together a Cosplay, look suave or if you just need a place to hide your wrist blades!


udreplicasMotorbike’s are cool and so are super heroes, Bounty hunters etc, UD replicas brings these things together in a explosion of coolness. Selling Motorbike related paraphernalia all with nerd themes. The one thing here is as with any Bike wear, it’s expensive but if you want to push out the boat, I can’t think of a better way.


Branded shopsIf you’re looking for something from a particular franchise then the best place to stop is it’s own themed web store. Most big franchises, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek etc. have there own little corner of the web.These themed stores might not always be the cheapest but it is usually the best place for a one stop shop for all kinds of stuff, also chances are they “have the droids you’re looking for”    

Examples                                                                                                     http://www.hbouk.com                                                                http://www.starwars.com/shop/                 http://www.startrekshop.co.uk/default.aspx 

Mothers Basement

Mother’s Basement is a great place to find Figures toys and collectibles. From movies to comic books and TV to gaming. Focused on memorabilia and collectors items. Based in Staffordshire, UK but available worldwide.



Nerdoh is a original nerd inspired design label providing mostly t shirts but all kinds of clothes. Designs focused on movies, games, computers, comics as well as all the new fangled gadgets and nerdery of today.


GameTeeGameTee is a great place to get rather unique game related clothes, posters and accessories and also a fair few of your favourite YouTuber’s branded gear. On that note another great place to get you favourite YouTuber’s stuff is Rodeo Arcade.




For the ladies out there, one can find all sorts of asorted ladies geekery at heruniverse.com. They focus specifically on the girl nerd market so a great place for them to shop or to shop for the Nerd/Gamer girl’s in your life. They have a particular focus on Cosplay but mostly sell themed jewelry and clothes.



Well that’s our top List of Internet Nerdery and where to find them, any suggestions for places we’ve missed would be very welcome! We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a stocking filled with goodies! Happy Holidays!

Pan-Galactic Cursing dictionary

Pan Galactic Cursing Dictionary




Babylon 5

Frag noun, verb, expl 1 Oh Frag! 2 Frag you 3 Go Frag a Dog, It maintains all usages of “fuck,” be it expletive, noun, verb, or adjective.

Shrock noun, verb, expl, adj 1 Oh Shrock! 2 This is Shrock 3 I’m going to take a Shrock.        
additional Information: It maintains all usages of “shit” be it expletive, noun, verb, or adjective. It is used universally in the Babylon 5 universe but is actually a word in the Narn language.

Battlestar Galactica

Frak noun, verb, expl 1 Frak you 2 Anybody wanna Frak 3 Oh Frak! 4 You’re nothing but a worthless frak! It maintains all usages of “fuck,” be it expletive,noun, verb, or adjective.            
See also:                                                                          
Fraking verb,adj 1 I can’t get this Fraking thing to work 2 They were busy Fraking That’s just frakking great… now the Cylons know exactly where we are!                                                                          
additional Information: Popularized by Battlestar Galactica in 1978 with the original spelling of “frack,” changed to the current spelling in the re-imaginedminiseries in 2003.

Toaster noun,adj A racial epithet for Cylons 1 That damn toaster just shot out my engines 2 It’s Toaster tech      
additional Information: Popularized by Battlestar Galactica.



Stacko noun, verb, expl, adj 1 Oh Stacko! 2 This is Stacko 3 Go eat Stacko!           additional Information: It maintains all usages of “shit” be it expletive, noun, verb, or adjective. It is used universally in the Defiance universe But is a word from the Votan languages.



Frell adj,noun,verb,expl  1 Frell you 2 Oh Frell                                                    
See Also:                                                                                          
           I  Frelling verb,adj Your favourite coat has just been ruined by a stray shot from a pulse pistol. “Frell! You’ve destroyed my frelling favourite coat.
                II   Frelled                                      
additonal Information: The “F” word substitute for the TV series Farscape. Using “Frelling” allowed the characters to swear at will making it seem natural.

Dren adj,noun,verb,expl 1 you frelling piece of dren 2 Oh Dren!                                        
additional Information: Meaning excrement used much as the word Shit is in context and meaning.

additional Information: Farscape (1999–2003) is a science fiction television series, featuring a present-day astronaut who accidentally travels through a wormhole to a distant galaxy on the other side of the Universe.


Gorram  adj Those gorram feds are after us A homonymstic conjuction of the words “God” and “damn. additional Information: Popularised by Joss Whedon’s Firefly. 

Rutting vern, adj 1 The Rutting Chain of command 2 Fox was really rutting stupid to cancel Firefly! They were rutting all night long                                      
additional Information:  Used in place of fucking.


Game of Thrones

Graddakh expl, adj Refers to waste or refuse can be used to insult or when you want to exclaim but not necessarily insult somebody else, you would say graddakh.

Ifak adj Meaning foreigner (one who walks, walker). Used as a derogatory term for anyone who isn’t a Dothraki, especially insulting therefore to any member of the Dothraki.

Vikeesi adj slang for an annoying woman. Works in a similar way to “Bitch” in English.


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Belgium In Douglas Adams’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” he at one point mentions that this word is the worst profanity in the entire galaxy.


Lord of the Rings

Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul! Dwarvish insult meaning “I spit upon your grave!”              
additional Information: Often mistaken for elvish however, it is Dwarvish since it uses the Khuzdul(Dwarvish) preposition “ai” – on or upon the same as in “Baruk khazad,khazad ai menu ‘Axes of the Dwarves, the dwarves are upon you’. 


Red Dwarf

Smeg noun, adj, expl 1 Smeg for brains 2 Smeg-Head. Used In reference as meaning waste, possibly derived from the term “Smegma” Also smeg-head is an insult which can mean ‘idiot’ or basically ‘bastard.’                                      
See Also:                                                                                    
Smegging adjYou Smegging Idiot!

Goyt noun, adj Im surrounded by goyt’s!Holly You’re a goyt! Used to refer to or describe a person whom you dislike. Used most effectively in the place of the word Cunt.

Gimboid adj Lister you Gimboid! A derogatory term meaning an idiot or incapable person.


Star Trek

P’Tok adj, Klingon insult meaning “spineless Human Child.”

Pahtak adj, Klingon Insult meaning “lowly slave”

Pronunciation video: Pan-Galactic cursing dictionary Archive: Chapter 4: sub-Section 27: Pronunciation

Timings for pronunciations:
0:14 Belgium
0:20 Dren
0:25 Frag
0:30 Frak
0:35 Fraking
0:40 Frell
0:45 Frelled
0:50 Frelling
0:55 Gimboid
1:00 Gorram
1:05 Goyt
1:10 Graddakh
1:15 Ifak
1:20 Ishkhqwi ai durugnul
1:25 Pahtak
1:30 P’tok
1:35 Rutting
1:40 Shrock
1:45 Smeg
1:50 Smegging
1:55 Stacko
2:00 Toaster
2:05 Vikeesi


Nerd Stag Do Bnanner

So, recently I was involved in helping to plan a Stag Do for a friend. Those of us involved wanted to do something a bit different from your standard setup. Also It is important to note here that the Stag in question was undoubtedly a Nerd and so we wanted to head towards that as a theme for the event. We couldn’t find any one place where there was a good sum of suggestions or knowledge. So we set out to find everything we could do based around London, as it was most convenient for us. So here is the amassed knowledge we gained for everything you need to create a bad ass Party for any Nerdy friend/event! But also we hope this serves as inspiration for your own ideas that we never thought of!


First things first whatever the event you need to invite people to it! And personalised invites or emails Kick off the theme very well. A number of ideas for these that we came up with included: Using actual old Floppy disks as a base for the invitations(Example II), creating an original comic strip/cover related to the groom or event to back the invite. Using the groups images as the avengers (Example III) or the justice league , Mission orders in the style of your favourite military/sci-fi show maybe Flight orders from Battlestar Galactica (Example I).

Battlestar Galactica Invite

Example I

Floppy Disk Invite

Example II


Avengers Assemble invite




As with any event, especially a Stag Do, Style is key, and there are plenty of Nerdy ideas that even on a budget can draw together a group. The easiest being just making Nerdy shirt mandatory. With a little more thought and effort one could quite easily set up, Star trek Landing party T-shirts(below) Just add a badge to Yellow, Blue and red shirts (Lots of fun can here deciding who gets what shirt, or the Spok ears). Other ideas include Brown coats in homage to firefly, Or black tees with x-wing pilots Call Signs red V etc or Battlestar call signs Starbuck, Apollo etc.

Tshirt star trek

Who are your red shirts? Who is your Captain? And who is the logical Spok?


In all likelihood you will probably end up spending at least some time on the move in vehicles between places. One way to hype up the otherwise mundane travelling is to give your event a soundtrack. Movie soundtrack songs are a great place to start e.g judge Dredd, Lord of the rings, Willow. There is also potential in the car game of naming the franchise of each song first or create teams and see who can get the most. Below was our events get psyched mix:

1.Judge Dredd (1995) Block War by Alan Silvestri
2. Buffy the vampire slayer, Theme song by Nerf Herder
3. Lord of the rings, The rings go South by Howard Shore
4. red dwarf theme Written by Howard Goodall and sang by Jenna Russell
5. Willow Main theme by James Horner
6. Xena opening theme by Joseph LoDuca
7. Monty pythons holy grail, We’re knights of the round table by the Pythons
8. Star Trek next generation opening theme by Jerry Goldsmith
9. Pirates of the Carribean theme by composer Klaus Badeltand and producer Hans Zimmer
10. firefly, Ballad of Serenity, By Joss Whedon
11. Labyrinth, Dance magic Dance By David Bowie
12. Chuck, insrumental Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake
13. Indiana Jones theme by John Williams.
14. Dark angel theme by Joel McNeely
15. Matrix Spybreak by Propellarheads
16. 90s xmen cartoon theme
17. Dont stop me now by Queen (In homage to shaun of the dead)
18. 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme tune
19. Star wars theme by John Williams
20. Game of thrones theme by Ramin Djawadi
21. Stargate Movie theme By David Arnold
22. BBC’s Neverwhere opening theme
23. Batman Begins ending theme by Hans Zimmer.

If you got money a plenty to spend you could improve these journeys by riding in style by getting a limo or go even further and rent something really cool like the Batmobile or other themed transport.


At some point you’re gonna have to feed people and there are lots of great options  for Nerdy drinks/snacks. A great source of ideas and inspiration is the YouTube show Nerdy nummies, where Rosanna Pansino takes you through making all sorts of Nerdy treats for example Diablo 3 potions, Skittle vodka.

Also everyone knows Pizza is the staple of the Nerd Community and if you wanna do a twist on that theme, you could make your own game of thrones themed pizza (another nerdy nummies idea below) or if you remember our evil dead musical blog here is a link to how to make a necronomicon pizza. Another great option comes from your local Pizza places if you ask nicely and pay for the time and ingredients they will often be happy to make a Giant over-sized pizza to share out.


There are so many great ideas for fun outdoorsy things to do with a Nerd theme here are just a few examples we came up with…

Everybody Loves/Hates Zombies

Thanks to world war Z, 28 days later and Shaun of the dead the worlds fascination with Zombies is it an all-time high. Because of this there are huge numbers of Zombie based events and experiences across the country and worldwide. One of which that we came across that tickled our fancy was that at  Zedevents.co.uk. They have a Zombie Mall for you to survive, allowing us to relive and experience the joy and terror of a Dawn of the Dead like experience in person. However if that isn’t your cup of tea there are many other companies and options across the country and we have linked a few down below:


Target Practice

If you’re looking to get involved with zombies you might want to get your shooting eye in and there are loads of fun ways to so it. One way would be the favourite pass time of thousands of ten year old boys, Laser tag! Or Quasar depending on where you are. An oldie but a goodie across the entire world.                                   If you’re looking for something with more pain and more expense you can push the boat out and go for PaintBall. Always more expensive than you’re expecting but if you’re willing to drop a whole hunk of change on paintball’s, it is a good laugh. If you’re looking for local places to do it, or if you want to shop around for a deal there are some links here:



If you want to try something closer to the real thing another idea we had was a trip to an Archery/Gun range. Often these places will allow you to add your own images to the target. So for added fun one might shoot Gomer, the legend of Zelda boss you could only kill with arrows or if your still on that train a Zombie.There are a number of shooting ranges for archery and guns(I imagine more of the latter in the USA) in the UK and therefore Plenty of opportunity to hone your accuracy.

Shooting links:                                                 
http://thebigshoot.co.uk (clay pigeon shooting)   

Getting Up Close and Personal

If fighting it out Melee style is more your thing we got you covered as well. If you’re a renaissance man there is the delicate art of Fencing or if you’re more viking/Medieval perhaps the Bastard Sword is more your style. Both are readily available as well as a huge number of other weapons to learn with. So you can easily get your zombie beheading up to scratch and practice for the last line of defence when the ammunition is all gone…

Sword Fighting LInks:        
http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/fencing_for_groups.php (fencing)  
http://www.centrallondonfencingclub.com/index.php  (fencing)  
http://fightmedieval.com/about/ (Medieval weapon fighting)  
http://www.thefightschool.demon.co.uk (Japanese/shogun, Stargate airsoft, LARP, and Sword fighting)

Running away….. I Mean Tactical Retreat!

Lets be honest no one has ever watched a movie where at one point or another the heroes wouldn’t have been better served by running away. However the cowardice in that choice can only be negated in one way, by making it look super cool, and that is where Parkour/Free Running comes in! As the final part of your nerd Event Apocalypse training this is is a super fun thing to do with a group. There are a Number of places across the country that run learning sessions mostly in cool indoor assault courses, which teach you to move, looking cool and fast, to escape the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

London Parkour Links:



If all of this exercise sounds overly exhausting you can always turn to the Nerd staple dungeons and dragons. After all it contains all of the above as well as strategy,” a thinking mans preparation”. A great idea we came up with was to write a Bachelor themed Adventure with references to his bride, past conquests and a terrifying end boss the Gorgon known only as “mother in law”. Also there is a lot to be said for board games with added drinking game rules.

Viewing pleasureAlways a good idea if there’s something good on the big screen is a trip to the cinema. Lets be honest these days there is always a comic book movie on at the very least, and to improve this experience you can always go Supersizing and check it out in IMAX.

If you want something a bit special in the movie vein and don’t necessarily want to see the new movies the place for you is Prince Charles Theatre, London. They show all sorts of Cult films and trilogies such as the entire Alien Quadrilogy. They also have all sorts of other weird set ups such as doing regular beer and pizza nights(where included in the price of your ticket to see a movie is beer and some pizza) and cool/weird events such as the labyrinth viewing and subsequent masquerade ball. Details of which you can find on their twitter @thePCCLondon or at their website princecharlescinema.com.

Stand Up comedy Is always a good option with many great staples on tour like Eddie Izzard or Dara Obrain. As well as any of the great comedy clubs in London featuring any number of less well-known acts who also tour the country or perform at Edinburgh comedy festival. If this is your jam and you’re looking for some new comedic talent you haven’t heard of, there will be some more help with that here later this month.

Comedy Links:                                                              

Eddie Izzard on stage

Theatre doesn’t necessarily come to mind when you think fun or nerdy, especially for a stag do but there are some great options such as  Spamalot (the stage adaptation of Monty Pythons holy grail) or Avenue Q the Muppet’s with the mouth a new side to the Henson company.


A Gaming session is always a great idea be it Fifa, World of Warcraft or Halo and there are many options Including another reason to spice it up with more booze. Drinking games for gamers a show by the warp zone on YouTube has a number of great ideas for a multitude of games, one of my favourites is below:

Another great option for gaming if you’re in the London area is a trip to Gamerbase Piccadilly Circus, located at HMV at the London Trocadero. Gamerbase offers 60 plus Custom Built PCs containing the latest Intel processors and Nvidia Geforce technology, a library of over 200 games and 8 XBox 360’s and 3 PS3’s connected to a variety of HD screens, all of which are connected to XBox Live and PSN. So a great place to get down and game with a whole bunch of people. You can find details about gamerbase at londontrocadero.com/tenant/3/Gamerbase or follow them on twitter @GamerbaseTroc.

Hopefully This has given you great ideas for your own event and inspiration for things we never thought of! If that is the case we would love to hear about anything you came up with either as comments here or via our twitter @nerdeyesonly. Whatever the case we hope you’re having fun and getting nerdy with it!                                                

Moya the Frelling Cleanest Ship in the Verse!

Having been lifelong fans of Farscape, we were obviously sad to see its inevitable demise in 2002 (half the best sci-fi is short lived, Firefly, Farscape, Dark angel etc). There was a brief respite in Farscape withdrawal in the returning of the full length movie in 2004, The Peacekeeper wars, and the comic book mini-series of 2008. Having resigned ourselves to the fact that there will be no more additions, an idea inspired over a year ago recently resurfaced in the office. A chance to keep a little bit of Farscape alive forever.

See the scene, a flat in North London a year ago a friend unveils his newly acquired Robot Vacuum cleaner. After spending far too long immaturely trying to confuse it, mostly by throwing pillows at it, we had the sudden realisation that it was basically a DRD from the show. Upon this exclamation it was met with a drawl of “duh why do you think I bought it?”

Okay so maybe it’s not hard to draw the connection between the loveable little guys of Farscape and the many brands of robots available. In fact to this day we still refer to his as 1812, even though it currently sits broken at the bottom of a cupboard. What follows below is the result of too much spare time and the spark of that idea about 1 year ago :

Schematic – DRD Hoover


-Papier Mache ingredients

-DRD shaped mold, Must be larger than Robot Hoover.(Can be fairly easily made with cardboard)

-Concertinard Plastic tubing x 2

– Torches (Must be able to mutilate) x 2

-Internal strap large enough to encompass Vacuum cleaner (Something like the internal head strap of a helmet)

-Plastic solid cylinder x 4



– Construct Papier Mache DRD shell using mould.

– Paint either yellow or as featured below 1812’s red white and blue.

– Cut wholes for torch stalks, attach Plastic tubing here.

– Gut and retrofit torch innards to fit inside tubing with batteries.

– Attach Plastic cylinders to chosen internal strap.(make sure it is stable)

– Strap it on and you’re ready to go!


Related links


Subsequently to the original publishing of this blog thanks to the nerdist channel, new minisodes of Farscape are available feel free to check them out by clinking the link above, aswell checking out the other links below.

Farscape Websitehttp://www.henson.com/fantasy_scifi.php?content=farscape

Farscape IMDB pagehttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0187636/

Farscape Wikipedia pagehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farscape

UK Amazon link – Robot Vacuum Cleaners


US Amazon link – Robot Vacuum Cleaners