Nerd Xmas Stocking

Shopping basket As nerds we are marked by fanatical love of all sorts of things and how better to express and show off that love than shopping for stuff. Clothes, figurines, toys, tech and art, all sorts of stuff to enrich our lives and enhance one’s nerd cred. But times are tough Christmas is racing towards us and with limited funds where is the best place to fulfill your nerd cravings and spend your cash? Have no fear we are here to help with our suggestions for the best Nerd shopping on the web!

amazon logo I know it should not be worth mentioning an obvious first stop for anyone searching to buy things, but we had to start with amazon. It is especially worth noting the masses of stuff available there second hand at ridiculously cheap costs, as well as a place to find items from other places on this list. Now that’s over with let’s move on to more interesting fair.

thinkgeek If you are unaware of think geek shame on you although based in the USA, with all the shipping costs that entails, it is a one stop shop for a huge store of nerdy things of every description. Also if you find something you like on their site there is every chance you can find it cheaper elsewhere like our first suggestion above.

etsy2Etsy is a mixed bag in oh so many ways but it hides treasures a plenty if you’re willing to seek them out. Literally everything you can think of from toys to art to full accurate movie costume replicas. We challenge anyone to spend a few hours on Etsy and not come away with a lighter wallet and arms full of swag. Here are some suggestions we came up with for some of our favourite Etsy stores. (Nerdy Shirts, Mugs etc) (Movie Guns Prop Replicas) (Nerdy Art)

Dave's geeky jerseys Dave’s Geeky Hockey Jerseys is exactly what it says on the tin. It provides a score of designs of nerdy hockey jersey’s. What Designs are being sold go on a shifting pattern with peoples Interest, so if a particular design catches your eyes tell them so it can be in a future sale.

volante designBasically Volante design make cool Assassin Creed style coats. They do a bunch of designs in a bunch of different colours, to help pull together a Cosplay, look suave or if you just need a place to hide your wrist blades!

udreplicasMotorbike’s are cool and so are super heroes, Bounty hunters etc, UD replicas brings these things together in a explosion of coolness. Selling Motorbike related paraphernalia all with nerd themes. The one thing here is as with any Bike wear, it’s expensive but if you want to push out the boat, I can’t think of a better way. 

Branded shopsIf you’re looking for something from a particular franchise then the best place to stop is it’s own themed web store. Most big franchises, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek etc. have there own little corner of the web.These themed stores might not always be the cheapest but it is usually the best place for a one stop shop for all kinds of stuff, also chances are they “have the droids you’re looking for”    


Mothers Basement

Mother’s Basement is a great place to find Figures toys and collectibles. From movies to comic books and TV to gaming. Focused on memorabilia and collectors items. Based in Staffordshire, UK but available worldwide.


Nerdoh is a original nerd inspired design label providing mostly t shirts but all kinds of clothes. Designs focused on movies, games, computers, comics as well as all the new fangled gadgets and nerdery of today.

GameTeeGameTee is a great place to get rather unique game related clothes, posters and accessories and also a fair few of your favourite YouTuber’s branded gear. On that note another great place to get you favourite YouTuber’s stuff is Rodeo Arcade.


For the ladies out there, one can find all sorts of asorted ladies geekery at They focus specifically on the girl nerd market so a great place for them to shop or to shop for the Nerd/Gamer girl’s in your life. They have a particular focus on Cosplay but mostly sell themed jewelry and clothes.


Well that’s our top List of Internet Nerdery and where to find them, any suggestions for places we’ve missed would be very welcome! We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a stocking filled with goodies! Happy Holidays!

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