Here at Nerd Eyes Only we’re always looking for cool new content to show you. We like to think of ourselves as promoters of new and interesting talent, in pursuit of which we start our new “Support your local…” series. Here we will highlight new talented individuals and teams we have stumbled across and think you might enjoy.

This week we have the new Short film put together by Hertfordshire based film company Not Twice films and Director Carl Thomason. The Fallen Goat, is a suspenseful horror short shot on a number of visually pleasing local Hertfordshire locations and with a cast headed by Paul Cooper who’s performance binds the whole thing beautifully. The entire film has a feeling of unease spread over it that culminates well in a dramatic final act reveal. While on occasion let down by more amateur actors of the cast it never removes from the overall composition and the potential displayed by Director and crew go along way to suggest even more interesting projects will be on the horizon.

Paul Cooper and Elspeth Mary Jane Dewick look down upon “The Fallen Goat”

The Fallen Goat is exemplified by well distributed long tense silences and it builds tension to a biting point. Paul Coopers performance throughout is solid and brooding creating a character who’s inner torment mirrors the atmosphere of the short perfectly building in tandem to a crescendo. Not to mention his truly exemplary facial hair marking him as the most debonair farmer we’ve ever encountered.

The plot reveals major characters to be quite disturbed individuals and one is left unsure as to whether one should empathise with any of them at all. The feel of the short is once or twice put off kilter by asynchronous injections of humour which have the delightful effect of unnerving the audience. It forces them to laugh and among such disturbing events and this adds to the tone of “wrongness”. This tone is also displayed well by musical cues throughout be it tense, dramatic or unnerving. We also noted on multiple viewings that the shorts ending works a subtle sense of ambiguity into a dramatic third act event making us question whether it took place at all…


N2Films Poster Roster

The Fallen Goat is definitely the latest work in a journey for Not Twice Films and Director Carl Thomason. It has a greater degree of polish that some earlier works lacked, that progression of the last 5 or so years where perhaps technical know how limited earlier interesting premises is a joy to see.

If you cannot wait for the release of The Fallen Goat later this year we wholeheartedly recommend checking out some of their earlier works. Particularly Broken Bones A British crime short that explores an anglicized version of principles of honor and the samurai code of Bushido. The enemy, a look into an interview with a serial killer where all is not what it seems, or The Hostage, the story of a man under siege by some surprising aggressors. But if the Fallen Goat has specifically peaked your interest it will be shown by Hitchin films from September onward, and with Applications to over 20+ film festivals worldwide maybe to a place near you. Unfortunately most will have the long wait for Public release sometime next year, but we promise it’s worth the wait. Tense, stark and foreboding The Fallen Goat will have you on the edge of your seat!

Below are some useful links to look into Not twice Films and where you will find any news concerning the Fallen Goat:                                                                                                    YouTube                                                                                                                                         Facebook                                                                                                                                       Twitter                                                                                                                                         Vimeo

Cast and crew on set for the fallen goat, Left to Right: Liam O’riordan, Stephen Emery, Paul Cooper, Levi Day, Szymon Madziel, Carl Thomason, John Brimm, Mark Scullion & Andrew Gannon.


Is this it, mortals? Is this all the fury you can muster?

warcraft movie text

Thanks to we had the opportunity to run down to Leicester Square Empire, to get an early look at the new Warcraft movie. Now, we can let you know before you drop some cash, from Stormwind to Ironforge what was max-level enjoyment and what was more like an escort quest through Felwood. Plied with free booze and shuffled into the cinema like a horde of the undead the tension was palpable. The fears that have plagued fans of this franchise since the films announcements were heavy in the air some were completely unfounded, some….were not.

The tone and look of the opening minutes are familiar to anyone who has ever watched a Blizzard cinematic. The first sights of iconic Game areas such as Goldshire and realistic interpretations of World of Warcraft area maps initially brought waves of nostalgia. However as the movie progressed it grew into annoyance as the mention of things only recognisable to those of us that played the game became seemingly near constant. The 3D as far as we could establish added no value to the story and in panning or quick moving shots of combat for example were hard to follow and headachey to watch. Especially annoying as these scenes were some of the more interesting visually had they not been hamstrung by the 3D. The score was much of what one could expect from a high fantasy title, appropriately highlighting moments of quiet or tension but nothing to write home about.

cc -
– The floating city of dalaran (CC)

As far as the story goes if your already a World of Warcraft fan You already know this story. If not the feeling of watching seems to be akin to that of watching the Dungeons and Dragons movie(2000). Suddenly you’re thrust into a world you don’t know with rules, characters and institutions that are not explained well by the film. These are not the only similarities to the D&D movie, unfortunately it’s sense of humour or playfulness is not recreated. A story moment that really baffled us came when Orgrim Doomhammer(Robert Kazinsky)openly rebelled against the rule of Gul’Dan (Daniel Wu). Somehow a bunch of random Orcs got the chop instead of him and he conveniently is not to be seen for five minutes, in which time we were like “Did they just…”.

Dominic Cooper, who we here have never been a particular fan of here, plays one of our heroes King Llane Wrynn. While not terrible he did nothing to change our opinion of him in this, probably not helped by his pretty boring dialogue. Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar felt like a more annoying of version of Matthew Broderick’s character in ladyhawke, granted that might be someone’s deal but it wasn’t ours. In contrast Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar was very engaging on screen and was probably the only thing to make rooting for the Alliance palatable. Surprisingly the CGI Orcs tallied a lot in the win column, the voice acting was on point and the textures of the wholly unbelievable creatures almost felt real at certain points. Probably one of our biggest fears going in the Orcs were one of our biggest wins coming out. Durotan(Toby Kebbell) and Draka(Anna Galvin) particularly held up well and often out performed real life actors on screen. A surprising failure was the make job upon the character Medivh(Ben Foster) upon his transition to evil. It was just poor and we could not work out why at all.

cc - Warcraftmovie.comOrgrim Doomhammer(Robert Kazinsky) near the Orc War parties Encampment in Azeroth (cc)

All in all the Warcraft movie was a bit of a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In that it was an excuse for fans of a franchise to see characters from their game do cool things on a movie screen. It was really more a 2 hour World of Warcraft trailer than an epic high fantasy movie worth watching in its own right. But it’s the movie we got and I guess it could have been worse! What we wish we would have gotten was something that took itself alot less seriously, while the moment a guy got *sheeped* was funny it was probably one of three laughs across the entire movie. Our advice for any future venture into Azeroth for movie purposes is go crazy with it. We want a Last Starfigheresque 80’s fest, kid falls into the main character of his favourite videogame and adventure ensues. Definitely take yourself less seriously and be more accesible to people not already fans of the franchise. Let us know what you thought, Do you agree?

cc -


Top 5 Quotes:

– “He wishes to lie with me…You would be injured…You would not be an affective mate”
-“Do i go in?” “I don’t know it’s never done that before”
-“Quick thinking slicing it’s head off like that”
-“Aaaaaaagh” *baby thrall*

Anduin Lothar (Travis fimmel) ready

to do battle with the Orc threat!
cc –

I’ll have a vampire to go, with no sparkles!

Blood Kiss Poster

Poster artwork and logo design by Christopher D Salmon

“Risk is a pain in the neck, it’s the price you pay for immortality.”

There is no doubt there has been an influx of “the vampire” into popular culture over the last few years. Sadly most has been sub par, and that’s being generous. However there has been some truly great stuff and I think Michael Reaves new movie Blood Kiss may fall in the latter category. On June 14th he funded said movie via Kickstarter at a total of just over $88,000 which he introduced in the video below:

Music for Kickstarter video – composer Robert Sprayberry.

So got your interest? How about a few more details. Blood Kiss is the story of Joe Belicek, a former LA homicide detective turned private investigator. One day a famous torch singer named Ruby Day (Amber Benson) Shows up in his office and wants to hire him and his associates as bodyguards. Belicek tells them their investigators not bodyguards. However she insists, invoking the name of one of his other clients, and Intrigued he accepts. By the time he learns she’s a vampire being stalked by a deranged vampire killer, it’s too late…

Portraits of Amber Benson and Neil Gaiman as they will appear in Blood Kiss by Tom Mandrake

Portraits of Amber Benson and Neil Gaiman as they will appear in Blood Kiss by Tom Mandrake

So that’s the basic plot, what about other things you need to know? Well in blood kiss the vampires are not fantastical monsters they have a symbiotic micro-organism inside them that alters mitochondrial DNA. This makes them allergic to sunlight and silver and it makes them Stronger and faster and near immortal to boot. But they still have reflections and have no aversions to crosses. Neil Gaiman will play Julian an eccentric English Hollywood movie director that films only at night and it has also been confirmed that it will star Christina Moses, but not in a huge part.

Famous haunts like the brown derby will make appearances, Amber Benson may or may not be a villainess femme fatale but will definitely sing and in a move from Buffy to blood kiss she furthers the war against sparkles. Tom Mandrake is also designing a graphic novel of the film to be made side by side, some of the early artwork for which can be seen below. Neil Gaiman breaks his acting rule of exclusively playing himself, as he did in the guild web series, animated TV show Arthur and the Simpsons to take on this new role.

Tom Mandrake Blood Kiss Graphic novel panel progression.

Tom Mandrake Blood Kiss Graphic novel panel progression.

The money raised in the Kickstarter campaign is a wonderful start but if Michael Reaves vision is to be created more always helps. With sets, digital sets, costumes, cameras and little things like feeding the crew on 16 hour days. Some extra funding can be sought now they can show that the fans want to see this, but if you can afford it donations are accepted at the movie home page ( If you live across the pond in the United States you have an opportunity to help and meet the Blood Kiss crew at San Diego Comic Con next weekend. Blood Kiss will be there at SDCC on Friday July 19th for an Blood Kiss Autograph Signing, from 4:00M-5:00PM at Booth 3919 Geekscape. Where you can meet elements of the production team that is made up of Producer Daniela Di Mase, Producer David Raiklen, Co-Producer Leah Cevoli, Editor Dave Edison,  Associate Producer Dan McKeon and Emmy award winning writer Michael Reaves.

Blood Kiss concept art by Fernando Lopez.

Blood Kiss concept art by Fernando Lopez.

So that’s Blood Kiss a new interesting take on the vampire mythology against the backdrop of 1940’s Hollywood Noire. I don’t know about you but we are genuinely looking forward to it. And if the concept art is anything to go by this could be very very fun.

Blood Kiss Important Links

The Blood Kiss Team

The Blood Kiss Team

Crowd sourcing, Fan Power and the Future of Entertainment!

Kickstarter disturbance in the force

“The world has changed. I see it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air.” Galadriel said it well but in the parlance of Star Wars, I feel a disturbance in the force and it’s convergence is Kickstarter. It seems we are moving into a place where good “art” be it television, movies, podcasting or comics can develop and survive unfettered by outside intrusions. It is true that fan action, innovation and hard work are not new but there has been a building process that is now reaching some of it’s true potential.

Of course many examples of what is becoming more widespread now come to mind. Zachery Levi’s Chuck got a fifth season, Firefly got a damn movie, and going back even further Kevin Smith made Clerks for just $20,000 basically on pure will alone. But now we have two advantages over our fore bearers, technology and community. Modern technology means that anybody can be a content creator, one can literally shoot or record and upload or live stream to the internet from our phones now. But there is also effectively a new nation that exists solely on the internet without borders and baggage that just wants to see and help develop new and interesting projects. An ethos that is particularly emphasised within the “Nerd” community, people want cool stuff and want to help it exist.

Kickstarter Collage

So let’s talk about Kickstarter, If you aren’t aware Kickstarter is a website that devotes itself to helping an incredible range of projects find funding from people across the world via the internet. Most recently it has drawn the attention of mainstream media because of a number of “high profile” campaigns that broke all sorts of records for Kickstarter. First of these was the Veronica Mars Movie, which made more money than any other Kickstarter campaign in history, a sum of $5,702,153. Veronica Mars was a TV show that I honestly wasn’t a fan of, it was set in the fictional town of Neptune, California and starred Kristen Bell as the title character. A student who progresses from high school to college while moonlighting as a private investigator under tutelage from her detective father.

The Veronica Mars campaign showed a almost Whedonite/Brown Coat levels of fan fervor and it was amazing to see how fans could have such a dramatic Impact and direct in put into something they loved. This was to be followed in media coverage by a passion project from Actor/Director Zach Braff (Probably best known as JD from the television show Scrubs) entitled “wish I was here”. Braff described the new film he proposed to make as a sequel in tone to his successful movie Garden State(Which unlike Veronica Mars I was a massive fan of) with no compromises. In fact the driving force in his campaign was to give him a chance to make his vision without corporate intervention, a thing he was a capable of doing before, in garden state, thanks to a private citizen who believed in Zach fronting a large amount of the costs. This idea of creative freedom is a sentiment that is beginning to sweep through the industry.

Another Campaign that brought some controversy(which in this case was stupid) to the system was that of penny arcade podcast’s, entitled Penny Arcade DLC. Penny Arcade is a company set up by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Initially to write a web comic, one of the only to be successful in becoming a business, but has now diversified to include many things including gaming conventions across the world called PAX (Penny Arcade Expo). Their Kickstarter was to raise money to fund a continuation of Podcast’s that they had previously made. Some people (henceforth known as idiots) saw this as some sought of money grabbing exercise that was not needed to create the content they promised. Not at all realising the time involved in producing these new podcast’s would be unfeasible in a large company(workload wise) made up of so few individuals, as is the case at penny arcade, unless it could be sensibly monetised. These new podcast’s will be available soon  but if you can’t wait for that or your stuck waiting for either the Mars or Braff projects it might be worthwhile to check out the old podcast’s here.

Of course there is plenty of opportunity to abuse the Kickstarter system, I shudder to imagine a montage of famous people saying give money to Sony or McDonald’s or Coca cola for example. It is sad that but true some people will do anything if it’s Celebrity endorsed. But ignore all that, there’s always gonna be the bad one’s in the bunch, What I want to champion here is the rise of “Art” unfettered by outside influence of the studio and other manifestations of the corporate. But it is also key to realise Kickstarter is a tool and is not the only force for this new movement.

The Kevin Smith Machine

If you’ve not guessed the person I want to talk about next is Writer/Director Kevin Smith. Partly because what he’s involved in right now and what he has done in the past is so interesting, but also because in many ways he is a symbol of the changes that I’m talking about and want to promote. In many ways Kevin did with his first movie Clerks what people are only just realising they can do now, and for him it was significantly harder. He made a movie for just $20,000! and with the hard work of him and his friends and a whole load of credit card debt he forced his way into the public consciousness.

In many ways Kevin Smith has now returned to his routes after moving away from the big Hollywood flicks of his past. Particularly the Podcast network he has created, or Smodcast as it is known, is a well of entertainment built off of self production. He also self funded a horror movie called Red State and runs across the country to talk to his fans. His latest project, Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, is an animated feature produced by his long time friend Jason Mewes for almost Clerks money at $69,000. He is currently touring across the United states with the movie, which if you’re lucky enough to live there you can see date’s/places here. No word as yet when the international release might be or where one could see it but it definitely looks like fun, check out the trailer.

But more important than helping your favourite TV show getting made into a movie or going on the road to see Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, is this. Use Kevin Smith as a inspiration, go out and do it whatever creative urge you have the tools are there to help you. Or instead help someone else do it, if you have that friend that keeps procrastinating and you believe in their work, help them realise it. The chance is their the future is now go forth and be entertaining.

“If there is a message to my work here it’s go out, do it, create!”                                     Joss Whedon

The Future

The Amazing Spider-Man

As lifelong fans of Sam Raimi we were filled with excitement upon hearing he was a the head of a spiderman movie. Unfortunately Raimi’s portrayal of the web slinging hero in red and blue left s disapointed. The almost fatal miscasting of Toby Maguire and then a spree of poor choices lead the series of films in a steadily worsening direction. After that first attempt therefore we looked upon the reboot of the franchise with a much larger dose of apprehension and fear.

However those feelings were unfounded the new portrayal “Amazing Spiderman” not only caught the essence of the comic books we read as a child but also stood up as a film in and of itself. Casting, direction and writing were all superb and moved between action, comedy and emotion seamlessly. A large ammount of its success can also be layed at the feet of the two lead’s, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Stone is particularly superb as the beautiful and intelligent Gwen Stacey. Although nothing more than we have come to expect since  her appearance in Zombieland.

Changes from the Raimi Spiderman were made in all the right directions(Back to the source material), Web shooter’s being tech designed by Parker instead of biology was particularly gratifying. Rhys Ifans was superb as the villain of the piece and portrayed Curt Connors conflict 
well. Another small point of the movie that was done well was the character of Flash Thompson, Although still the tool he has always been he had more dimensions and came across as a real human being rather than just a cardboard cutout Jock.

As a Spidey origins  story you do have to relive the death of dear uncle Ben. As always the event is traumatic, heightened by the stellar performances of Sally Field and Martin Sheen as Peter’s aunt and Uncle. Because of this a Spiderman movie could very easily have you crying again, but for good reasons this time. Held back in the shadows of the story you also get you first glimpse of the new iteration of Norman Osborne. The revelation that the machinations of Osborne have shaped the events of this story and the looming threat of his presence leave you gagging to see how they deal with him in future films. Overall this was a fun action packed movie and one of the best comic book adaptations of the last couple of years.

Top Ten Quotes

1.We all have secrets: the ones we keep… and the ones that are kept from us.

2.Ahem, you know, if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief.

3.You seriously think I’m a cop in a skintight red and blue suit?

4.Oh, no! You have found my weakness. Small knives!

5.Easy, bug boy.

6.No one seems to grasp the concept of the mask

7.I don’t want cocoa. I got lots of homework. I’m having woman cramps.

8.George Stacy : I remembered somebody saying last week that her fantasy was to live in a chocolate house.

9.(in regards to the chocolate house)Gwen Stacy: Well, that’s impractical! [she shuts the door, then reopens it] And fattening.

10.Secrets have a cost. They’re not free. Not now, not ever

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These aren’t just any Zombies these are Pain worshipping red-neck zombies!

First thing first, hello world, you have crept through the murky depths of the interweb and I now welcome you to our FIRST blog column at Nerd Eyes Only. Here we will you will provide articles, videos and other media on all sorts of cool and interesting things with a Nerd culture basis. Books, films, computer games, world news, DIY, the web, software, food, television, conventions, board games and music as just a few examples. We hope to provide consistent, useful and entertaining content that will have you coming back again and again.

 To start things off, we’re going to share our overflowing thoughts regarding a little film, known as Cabin in the woods! Joss Whedon’s new horror flick somewhat  overshadowed by its box office big brother The Avengers, we’re here to be bring it into the light. Also as stated above a “SPOILER WARNING” is in affect you have been warned!

Opening credits role passed and the story begins with Thor(Chris Hemsworth) and his friends, a group teenagers, raring to go and ready to sin preparing for their trip out to a cabin in the woods. You’ve heard this story before so many times…..or have you. What unfolds is a brilliant mix up of every horror movie you ever saw supported by great writing, cast and direction.

 Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are sublime as the Mermaid obsessed evil science nerds(Confused, just go watch it!). The somewhat odd, Stoner hero of the piece has some of the funniest lines this year in movies. Not to mention odd little segments such as the Wolfs head make-out scene(it’s so wrong but its… hot?) and the Geek-gasm many will feel upon unexpectedly hearing Sigourney weavers voice! Only add to the rich tapestry that is the film.

Easily the best movie of the year so far, it generates quite aggressive reactions in us to people who didn’t like it (known from this point forward as Morons). It has become our version of the “Voight-Kampff” empathy test, and yes, it means if you don’t like it you must be a replicant. This film is a destined cult classic. Below you will find our little addition to the movie experience in the form of an accompanying game (adaptable to – drinking game), Cabin in the woods horror movie bingo. Just to add something extra to the multiple viewings you will undertake. This will help future viewers to enjoy the homage to evil dead and a zillion other horror movies held within.

Cabin in the woords (2012) Cabin, Left, The Evil Dead (1981) Cabin, Right,  Chasing the legacy of one of the greatest horror movies ever!

Top Ten Quotes

  1. “Good Zombie Arm”
  2. “Ok, I’m drawing a line in the fucking sand. Do NOT read the Latin!”
  3. “I’m never going to see a Mer-man.”
  4. “He’s got a husband bulge.”
  5. “How hard is it to kill a bunch of 9 year olds?”
  6. “Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you!”
  7. “I’m sorry I let you get attacked by a werewolf, and you know, ended the world.”
  8. “Fear the man with the massive bong.”
  9. “What is that? In the lake, I swear to god, no seriously. Right there. Don’t you see it? There. It looks….. just like my girlfriend.”
  10. “It was the pioneer days; people had to make their own interrogation rooms. Out of cornmeal.”

*Prototype Bingo card :-

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