App-ocalypse Now!


In the age of the Smart phone and the tablet there’s a host of Apps to choose, from your lightsaber simulator to the ever classic fart noise maker. So to help you out, here are some suggestions, both obvious and obscure, to add to your nerdy collection!


Cussifly (£0.59)

Ever been re-watching Firefly for the 769th time and thought “I really wish I knew what the Chinese meant” and “damn wouldn’t it be cool if I could use it to?” Well, now your prayers are answered. Cussifly allows you to search for Chinese phrases used in Firefly by index, character or episode. You can also filter the list to only include cursing! Once you have selected a phrase, you are presented with the English translation, the Chinese characters, how to say the word and the episode, character and context of the phrase as it was used in the show. As an added bonus, whenever you open the App it also plays a selection of sound-bytes from the show’s awesome score.

TakeAway Banner

Take away Apps (free)

The staple for any nerd is obviously the huge array of take away food apps, be that directly with Pizza Hut, Subway or Domino’s or a conglomeration of your local favourites like at Just Eat or Love Food. If you don’t think your local has their own app, have a look you might be pleasantly surprised!

Dark Horse Comic App Banner

Dark Horse comic library app (free)

Have your favourite Dark Horse comics at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere – along with comics from their digital partner, Dynamite Entertainment. Read a huge number of free comics, as well as thousands starting at only 99 cents. Never be bored on a train or long journey again!

Ereader banner

E-Reader Kindle/Kobo app (free)

Not a comic book fan? Don’t have space for your E-Reader of choice? Then the Kindle and Kobo apps are for you. Have your entire library at your fingertips at any time. You never know when you might want to dip into George R R Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” for some death and dragons, or need quick access to you zombie apocalypse literature to fight the ravenous horde…


iButtons – awesome soundboard (free)

Up to 240 sounds for your use, varying from noises to pop culture references, games and internet memes for instant use whenever you need to reveal “I used to be an adventurer like you….but then I took an arrow to the knee.” or to tell your best bro to “Suit up!”


Social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Steam (free)

An obvious but necessary mix is that of the social media apps. Not only the conventional Facebook, Twitter ensemble, but also Steam, YouTube and Twitch, among others. Allow larger than ever amounts of inter-connectivity as well as the chance to upload a variety of media, at a moments notice, all for free.


D&D Player Assistant (free)

The D&D Player Assistant is a good way to keep a lot of information in one place for your adventures. Easily changed and held safe for instant use, it has a handy NPC generator, die roller and notes section to help the Dungeon Masters out there, as well as the player. Especially good for those of us forever losing character sheets, it’s no longer a problem, just check your phone/tablet!

Munchkin Level Counter Banner

Level Counter (free) ~ Munchkin Level Calculator (£3.99)

Existing as both a limited freeware version and official Munchkin accompaniment. The level counter apps provide an easy way of keeping track of your accumulated level, gear level and a handy D6 dice generator. They work as the ultimate helping hand for your Munchkin games, be they Vanilla or Cthulhu.

Voice Plus Banner

Voice Plus – audio editing voice software (free)

This free audio editing software provides hours of enjoyment as well as a wide variety of cool effects for any kind of project. It allows you to replicate favourite characters like the Daleks and Darth Vader as well as replicating underwater speech and turning audio clips in reverse. This is just the tip of the iceberg and all you need to do is hit record and then tap one of the many effects to create your new sound!