Moya the Frelling Cleanest Ship in the Verse!

Having been lifelong fans of Farscape, we were obviously sad to see its inevitable demise in 2002 (half the best sci-fi is short lived, Firefly, Farscape, Dark angel etc). There was a brief respite in Farscape withdrawal in the returning of the full length movie in 2004, The Peacekeeper wars, and the comic book mini-series of 2008. Having resigned ourselves to the fact that there will be no more additions, an idea inspired over a year ago recently resurfaced in the office. A chance to keep a little bit of Farscape alive forever.

See the scene, a flat in North London a year ago a friend unveils his newly acquired Robot Vacuum cleaner. After spending far too long immaturely trying to confuse it, mostly by throwing pillows at it, we had the sudden realisation that it was basically a DRD from the show. Upon this exclamation it was met with a drawl of “duh why do you think I bought it?”

Okay so maybe it’s not hard to draw the connection between the loveable little guys of Farscape and the many brands of robots available. In fact to this day we still refer to his as 1812, even though it currently sits broken at the bottom of a cupboard. What follows below is the result of too much spare time and the spark of that idea about 1 year ago :

Schematic – DRD Hoover


-Papier Mache ingredients

-DRD shaped mold, Must be larger than Robot Hoover.(Can be fairly easily made with cardboard)

-Concertinard Plastic tubing x 2

– Torches (Must be able to mutilate) x 2

-Internal strap large enough to encompass Vacuum cleaner (Something like the internal head strap of a helmet)

-Plastic solid cylinder x 4



– Construct Papier Mache DRD shell using mould.

– Paint either yellow or as featured below 1812’s red white and blue.

– Cut wholes for torch stalks, attach Plastic tubing here.

– Gut and retrofit torch innards to fit inside tubing with batteries.

– Attach Plastic cylinders to chosen internal strap.(make sure it is stable)

– Strap it on and you’re ready to go!


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