Eyes Only worked for freedom and justice in the apocalyptic future of Dark Angel. Here, at Nerd Eyes Only, you will find a less Humanitarian goal to spread a word of things close to our heart.


Here you will find articles on all sorts of cool and interesting things with a Nerd culture basis. Books, films, computer games, world news, DIY, the web, software, food, television, conventions, board games and music as just a few examples.


The expectation is that at the very least there will be weekly content with more frequent posts where possible, necessary or when circumstance dictates.


Being based in London, UK will undoubtedly lend a British slant to content as well as opportunity to comment on events that happen locally more easily than those across the pond.


The aim of this blog is to entertain and inform to connect all sorts of cool content in one place for your convenience. A recent development is our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/nerdeyesonly and more exciting projects are on the horizon.

1 thought on “ABOUT

  1. Nice site 🙂 You seem to have just the sort of blog I enjoy following. The juxtaposition of X-Men belt and lightsaber is almost too much. So glad you found me on Twitter!

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