Here at Nerd Eyes Only we’re always looking for cool new content to show you. We like to think of ourselves as promoters of new and interesting talent, in pursuit of which we start our new “Support your local…” series. Here we will highlight new talented individuals and teams we have stumbled across and think you might enjoy.

This week we have the new Short film put together by Hertfordshire based film company Not Twice films and Director Carl Thomason. The Fallen Goat, is a suspenseful horror short shot on a number of visually pleasing local Hertfordshire locations and with a cast headed by Paul Cooper who’s performance binds the whole thing beautifully. The entire film has a feeling of unease spread over it that culminates well in a dramatic final act reveal. While on occasion let down by more amateur actors of the cast it never removes from the overall composition and the potential displayed by Director and crew go along way to suggest even more interesting projects will be on the horizon.

Paul Cooper and Elspeth Mary Jane Dewick look down upon “The Fallen Goat”

The Fallen Goat is exemplified by well distributed long tense silences and it builds tension to a biting point. Paul Coopers performance throughout is solid and brooding creating a character who’s inner torment mirrors the atmosphere of the short perfectly building in tandem to a crescendo. Not to mention his truly exemplary facial hair marking him as the most debonair farmer we’ve ever encountered.

The plot reveals major characters to be quite disturbed individuals and one is left unsure as to whether one should empathise with any of them at all. The feel of the short is once or twice put off kilter by asynchronous injections of humour which have the delightful effect of unnerving the audience. It forces them to laugh and among such disturbing events and this adds to the tone of “wrongness”. This tone is also displayed well by musical cues throughout be it tense, dramatic or unnerving. We also noted on multiple viewings that the shorts ending works a subtle sense of ambiguity into a dramatic third act event making us question whether it took place at all…


N2Films Poster Roster

The Fallen Goat is definitely the latest work in a journey for Not Twice Films and Director Carl Thomason. It has a greater degree of polish that some earlier works lacked, that progression of the last 5 or so years where perhaps technical know how limited earlier interesting premises is a joy to see.

If you cannot wait for the release of The Fallen Goat later this year we wholeheartedly recommend checking out some of their earlier works. Particularly Broken Bones A British crime short that explores an anglicized version of principles of honor and the samurai code of Bushido. The enemy, a look into an interview with a serial killer where all is not what it seems, or The Hostage, the story of a man under siege by some surprising aggressors. But if the Fallen Goat has specifically peaked your interest it will be shown by Hitchin films from September onward, and with Applications to over 20+ film festivals worldwide maybe to a place near you. Unfortunately most will have the long wait for Public release sometime next year, but we promise it’s worth the wait. Tense, stark and foreboding The Fallen Goat will have you on the edge of your seat!

Below are some useful links to look into Not twice Films and where you will find any news concerning the Fallen Goat:                                                                                                    YouTube                                                                                                                                         Facebook                                                                                                                                       Twitter                                                                                                                                         Vimeo

Cast and crew on set for the fallen goat, Left to Right: Liam O’riordan, Stephen Emery, Paul Cooper, Levi Day, Szymon Madziel, Carl Thomason, John Brimm, Mark Scullion & Andrew Gannon.


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