Pan-Galactic Cursing dictionary

Pan Galactic Cursing Dictionary




Babylon 5

Frag noun, verb, expl 1 Oh Frag! 2 Frag you 3 Go Frag a Dog, It maintains all usages of “fuck,” be it expletive, noun, verb, or adjective.

Shrock noun, verb, expl, adj 1 Oh Shrock! 2 This is Shrock 3 I’m going to take a Shrock.        
additional Information: It maintains all usages of “shit” be it expletive, noun, verb, or adjective. It is used universally in the Babylon 5 universe but is actually a word in the Narn language.

Battlestar Galactica

Frak noun, verb, expl 1 Frak you 2 Anybody wanna Frak 3 Oh Frak! 4 You’re nothing but a worthless frak! It maintains all usages of “fuck,” be it expletive,noun, verb, or adjective.            
See also:                                                                          
Fraking verb,adj 1 I can’t get this Fraking thing to work 2 They were busy Fraking That’s just frakking great… now the Cylons know exactly where we are!                                                                          
additional Information: Popularized by Battlestar Galactica in 1978 with the original spelling of “frack,” changed to the current spelling in the re-imaginedminiseries in 2003.

Toaster noun,adj A racial epithet for Cylons 1 That damn toaster just shot out my engines 2 It’s Toaster tech      
additional Information: Popularized by Battlestar Galactica.



Stacko noun, verb, expl, adj 1 Oh Stacko! 2 This is Stacko 3 Go eat Stacko!           additional Information: It maintains all usages of “shit” be it expletive, noun, verb, or adjective. It is used universally in the Defiance universe But is a word from the Votan languages.



Frell adj,noun,verb,expl  1 Frell you 2 Oh Frell                                                    
See Also:                                                                                          
           I  Frelling verb,adj Your favourite coat has just been ruined by a stray shot from a pulse pistol. “Frell! You’ve destroyed my frelling favourite coat.
                II   Frelled                                      
additonal Information: The “F” word substitute for the TV series Farscape. Using “Frelling” allowed the characters to swear at will making it seem natural.

Dren adj,noun,verb,expl 1 you frelling piece of dren 2 Oh Dren!                                        
additional Information: Meaning excrement used much as the word Shit is in context and meaning.

additional Information: Farscape (1999–2003) is a science fiction television series, featuring a present-day astronaut who accidentally travels through a wormhole to a distant galaxy on the other side of the Universe.


Gorram  adj Those gorram feds are after us A homonymstic conjuction of the words “God” and “damn. additional Information: Popularised by Joss Whedon’s Firefly. 

Rutting vern, adj 1 The Rutting Chain of command 2 Fox was really rutting stupid to cancel Firefly! They were rutting all night long                                      
additional Information:  Used in place of fucking.


Game of Thrones

Graddakh expl, adj Refers to waste or refuse can be used to insult or when you want to exclaim but not necessarily insult somebody else, you would say graddakh.

Ifak adj Meaning foreigner (one who walks, walker). Used as a derogatory term for anyone who isn’t a Dothraki, especially insulting therefore to any member of the Dothraki.

Vikeesi adj slang for an annoying woman. Works in a similar way to “Bitch” in English.


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Belgium In Douglas Adams’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” he at one point mentions that this word is the worst profanity in the entire galaxy.


Lord of the Rings

Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul! Dwarvish insult meaning “I spit upon your grave!”              
additional Information: Often mistaken for elvish however, it is Dwarvish since it uses the Khuzdul(Dwarvish) preposition “ai” – on or upon the same as in “Baruk khazad,khazad ai menu ‘Axes of the Dwarves, the dwarves are upon you’. 


Red Dwarf

Smeg noun, adj, expl 1 Smeg for brains 2 Smeg-Head. Used In reference as meaning waste, possibly derived from the term “Smegma” Also smeg-head is an insult which can mean ‘idiot’ or basically ‘bastard.’                                      
See Also:                                                                                    
Smegging adjYou Smegging Idiot!

Goyt noun, adj Im surrounded by goyt’s!Holly You’re a goyt! Used to refer to or describe a person whom you dislike. Used most effectively in the place of the word Cunt.

Gimboid adj Lister you Gimboid! A derogatory term meaning an idiot or incapable person.


Star Trek

P’Tok adj, Klingon insult meaning “spineless Human Child.”

Pahtak adj, Klingon Insult meaning “lowly slave”

Pronunciation video: Pan-Galactic cursing dictionary Archive: Chapter 4: sub-Section 27: Pronunciation

Timings for pronunciations:
0:14 Belgium
0:20 Dren
0:25 Frag
0:30 Frak
0:35 Fraking
0:40 Frell
0:45 Frelled
0:50 Frelling
0:55 Gimboid
1:00 Gorram
1:05 Goyt
1:10 Graddakh
1:15 Ifak
1:20 Ishkhqwi ai durugnul
1:25 Pahtak
1:30 P’tok
1:35 Rutting
1:40 Shrock
1:45 Smeg
1:50 Smegging
1:55 Stacko
2:00 Toaster
2:05 Vikeesi


Nerd Stag Do Bnanner

So, recently I was involved in helping to plan a Stag Do for a friend. Those of us involved wanted to do something a bit different from your standard setup. Also It is important to note here that the Stag in question was undoubtedly a Nerd and so we wanted to head towards that as a theme for the event. We couldn’t find any one place where there was a good sum of suggestions or knowledge. So we set out to find everything we could do based around London, as it was most convenient for us. So here is the amassed knowledge we gained for everything you need to create a bad ass Party for any Nerdy friend/event! But also we hope this serves as inspiration for your own ideas that we never thought of!


First things first whatever the event you need to invite people to it! And personalised invites or emails Kick off the theme very well. A number of ideas for these that we came up with included: Using actual old Floppy disks as a base for the invitations(Example II), creating an original comic strip/cover related to the groom or event to back the invite. Using the groups images as the avengers (Example III) or the justice league , Mission orders in the style of your favourite military/sci-fi show maybe Flight orders from Battlestar Galactica (Example I).

Battlestar Galactica Invite

Example I

Floppy Disk Invite

Example II


Avengers Assemble invite




As with any event, especially a Stag Do, Style is key, and there are plenty of Nerdy ideas that even on a budget can draw together a group. The easiest being just making Nerdy shirt mandatory. With a little more thought and effort one could quite easily set up, Star trek Landing party T-shirts(below) Just add a badge to Yellow, Blue and red shirts (Lots of fun can here deciding who gets what shirt, or the Spok ears). Other ideas include Brown coats in homage to firefly, Or black tees with x-wing pilots Call Signs red V etc or Battlestar call signs Starbuck, Apollo etc.

Tshirt star trek

Who are your red shirts? Who is your Captain? And who is the logical Spok?


In all likelihood you will probably end up spending at least some time on the move in vehicles between places. One way to hype up the otherwise mundane travelling is to give your event a soundtrack. Movie soundtrack songs are a great place to start e.g judge Dredd, Lord of the rings, Willow. There is also potential in the car game of naming the franchise of each song first or create teams and see who can get the most. Below was our events get psyched mix:

1.Judge Dredd (1995) Block War by Alan Silvestri
2. Buffy the vampire slayer, Theme song by Nerf Herder
3. Lord of the rings, The rings go South by Howard Shore
4. red dwarf theme Written by Howard Goodall and sang by Jenna Russell
5. Willow Main theme by James Horner
6. Xena opening theme by Joseph LoDuca
7. Monty pythons holy grail, We’re knights of the round table by the Pythons
8. Star Trek next generation opening theme by Jerry Goldsmith
9. Pirates of the Carribean theme by composer Klaus Badeltand and producer Hans Zimmer
10. firefly, Ballad of Serenity, By Joss Whedon
11. Labyrinth, Dance magic Dance By David Bowie
12. Chuck, insrumental Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake
13. Indiana Jones theme by John Williams.
14. Dark angel theme by Joel McNeely
15. Matrix Spybreak by Propellarheads
16. 90s xmen cartoon theme
17. Dont stop me now by Queen (In homage to shaun of the dead)
18. 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme tune
19. Star wars theme by John Williams
20. Game of thrones theme by Ramin Djawadi
21. Stargate Movie theme By David Arnold
22. BBC’s Neverwhere opening theme
23. Batman Begins ending theme by Hans Zimmer.

If you got money a plenty to spend you could improve these journeys by riding in style by getting a limo or go even further and rent something really cool like the Batmobile or other themed transport.


At some point you’re gonna have to feed people and there are lots of great options  for Nerdy drinks/snacks. A great source of ideas and inspiration is the YouTube show Nerdy nummies, where Rosanna Pansino takes you through making all sorts of Nerdy treats for example Diablo 3 potions, Skittle vodka.

Also everyone knows Pizza is the staple of the Nerd Community and if you wanna do a twist on that theme, you could make your own game of thrones themed pizza (another nerdy nummies idea below) or if you remember our evil dead musical blog here is a link to how to make a necronomicon pizza. Another great option comes from your local Pizza places if you ask nicely and pay for the time and ingredients they will often be happy to make a Giant over-sized pizza to share out.


There are so many great ideas for fun outdoorsy things to do with a Nerd theme here are just a few examples we came up with…

Everybody Loves/Hates Zombies

Thanks to world war Z, 28 days later and Shaun of the dead the worlds fascination with Zombies is it an all-time high. Because of this there are huge numbers of Zombie based events and experiences across the country and worldwide. One of which that we came across that tickled our fancy was that at They have a Zombie Mall for you to survive, allowing us to relive and experience the joy and terror of a Dawn of the Dead like experience in person. However if that isn’t your cup of tea there are many other companies and options across the country and we have linked a few down below:                                                            

Target Practice

If you’re looking to get involved with zombies you might want to get your shooting eye in and there are loads of fun ways to so it. One way would be the favourite pass time of thousands of ten year old boys, Laser tag! Or Quasar depending on where you are. An oldie but a goodie across the entire world.                                   If you’re looking for something with more pain and more expense you can push the boat out and go for PaintBall. Always more expensive than you’re expecting but if you’re willing to drop a whole hunk of change on paintball’s, it is a good laugh. If you’re looking for local places to do it, or if you want to shop around for a deal there are some links here:                      


If you want to try something closer to the real thing another idea we had was a trip to an Archery/Gun range. Often these places will allow you to add your own images to the target. So for added fun one might shoot Gomer, the legend of Zelda boss you could only kill with arrows or if your still on that train a Zombie.There are a number of shooting ranges for archery and guns(I imagine more of the latter in the USA) in the UK and therefore Plenty of opportunity to hone your accuracy.

Shooting links:                                                         (clay pigeon shooting)

Getting Up Close and Personal

If fighting it out Melee style is more your thing we got you covered as well. If you’re a renaissance man there is the delicate art of Fencing or if you’re more viking/Medieval perhaps the Bastard Sword is more your style. Both are readily available as well as a huge number of other weapons to learn with. So you can easily get your zombie beheading up to scratch and practice for the last line of defence when the ammunition is all gone…

Sword Fighting LInks: (fencing)  (fencing) (Medieval weapon fighting) (Japanese/shogun, Stargate airsoft, LARP, and Sword fighting)

Running away….. I Mean Tactical Retreat!

Lets be honest no one has ever watched a movie where at one point or another the heroes wouldn’t have been better served by running away. However the cowardice in that choice can only be negated in one way, by making it look super cool, and that is where Parkour/Free Running comes in! As the final part of your nerd Event Apocalypse training this is is a super fun thing to do with a group. There are a Number of places across the country that run learning sessions mostly in cool indoor assault courses, which teach you to move, looking cool and fast, to escape the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

London Parkour Links:


If all of this exercise sounds overly exhausting you can always turn to the Nerd staple dungeons and dragons. After all it contains all of the above as well as strategy,” a thinking mans preparation”. A great idea we came up with was to write a Bachelor themed Adventure with references to his bride, past conquests and a terrifying end boss the Gorgon known only as “mother in law”. Also there is a lot to be said for board games with added drinking game rules.

Viewing pleasureAlways a good idea if there’s something good on the big screen is a trip to the cinema. Lets be honest these days there is always a comic book movie on at the very least, and to improve this experience you can always go Supersizing and check it out in IMAX.

If you want something a bit special in the movie vein and don’t necessarily want to see the new movies the place for you is Prince Charles Theatre, London. They show all sorts of Cult films and trilogies such as the entire Alien Quadrilogy. They also have all sorts of other weird set ups such as doing regular beer and pizza nights(where included in the price of your ticket to see a movie is beer and some pizza) and cool/weird events such as the labyrinth viewing and subsequent masquerade ball. Details of which you can find on their twitter @thePCCLondon or at their website

Stand Up comedy Is always a good option with many great staples on tour like Eddie Izzard or Dara Obrain. As well as any of the great comedy clubs in London featuring any number of less well-known acts who also tour the country or perform at Edinburgh comedy festival. If this is your jam and you’re looking for some new comedic talent you haven’t heard of, there will be some more help with that here later this month.

Comedy Links:                                                                                 

Eddie Izzard on stage

Theatre doesn’t necessarily come to mind when you think fun or nerdy, especially for a stag do but there are some great options such as  Spamalot (the stage adaptation of Monty Pythons holy grail) or Avenue Q the Muppet’s with the mouth a new side to the Henson company.


A Gaming session is always a great idea be it Fifa, World of Warcraft or Halo and there are many options Including another reason to spice it up with more booze. Drinking games for gamers a show by the warp zone on YouTube has a number of great ideas for a multitude of games, one of my favourites is below:

Another great option for gaming if you’re in the London area is a trip to Gamerbase Piccadilly Circus, located at HMV at the London Trocadero. Gamerbase offers 60 plus Custom Built PCs containing the latest Intel processors and Nvidia Geforce technology, a library of over 200 games and 8 XBox 360’s and 3 PS3’s connected to a variety of HD screens, all of which are connected to XBox Live and PSN. So a great place to get down and game with a whole bunch of people. You can find details about gamerbase at or follow them on twitter @GamerbaseTroc.

Hopefully This has given you great ideas for your own event and inspiration for things we never thought of! If that is the case we would love to hear about anything you came up with either as comments here or via our twitter @nerdeyesonly. Whatever the case we hope you’re having fun and getting nerdy with it!                                                

Ewoks, Predators and Nerds Oh my! The return of Comic Con!

Comic Con Banner So it’s that time of year again when the nerds, the geeks, the cosplayers and the gamers are out in force, It’s Comic Con season! So like any self respecting British nerd we made our way down to London Film and Comic Con to join in the fun. We were welcomed by the oddities of Comic Con. Judge Dredd in his undies, Xena and Jack Sparrow getting a pint at the bar and Slave Leia teaching Padme the slave dance (While a crowd developed *silently* so as not to spook them). A host of stars were there in force, including Danny Fucking Glover! A true gent who was lets be honest far to famous for Comic Con. The forgotten planet booth also toted its very own Ewok among other recognisable characters which made us feel bad for the stalls around because lets be honest, it’s hard to beat an Ewok!

Predator Cosplay

This year the festivities were held in Earls Court two. While much larger than the Olympia, where it was held last year, it came with both pros and cons. The major disadvantage was that of having no balcony (like in The Olympia) or any other sensible space for people to just flop down out of the way. But the space did allow for much better through-flow and a larger showing of exhibitors. One noticeable change this year brought was a significant shift in the male to female ratio as close to 50/50 as makes no difference it seemed. This is great however, I would still make it clear, although the nerdy/gamer girl may no longer be the Unicorn it once was it is still not a Horse. And as always Comic Con exists within a Photo bomb level of its own its impossible not to exist in a million peoples photos and to have the same be true for you. Also the big reveal of a secondary LFCC new in October at the Olympia came as somewhat of a surprise but with the convention growing year on year I guess it was inevitable.

To celebrate 20 years of vertigo Dave McKean came down for one of his rare appearances. However he was also there to do a joint signing with S F Said on their new collaboration, Phoenix, following on from their previous work together on the Varjak Paw series. If you are unaware of Mckean’s work he is a fantastic artist that among other thing did the cover artwork for The Sandman Graphic novels.
Dave McKean signingOne of the highs of the weekend was the reunion panel celebrating ten years since the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Due to catastrophic tech failure unfortunately we were unable to bring the talk to you at home. What we took from the panel was this, People didn’t seem to get Avery Brooks’ humour, all the guests were delightful and Armin Shimerman seemed to take on as natural leader of the group. Not surprising when considering how prolific he has been within the science fiction and fantasy genre. One amazing part of the panel was when Max Grodénchik who played Rom in the series described that the origin of his characters voice. Due to an inability to speak normally with the teeth implants he wore he talked out of the back of his throat to overcome it.

The other Important panel to occur was that of The Mortal Instruments Movie adaptation. It was supposed to be the Author of the series Cassandra Clare and actors Jamie Campbell Blower and Lena Headey, but due to Scheduling issues Lena never made it. A full recording of this panel is up on our YouTube channel here. Based on the short sneak peek of the movie (that unfortunately we couldn’t film) the casting seems questionable and the CGI a little clumsy, It might be a lot of fun but I am still concerned. A couple of people worth mentioning that We met over the weekend include a very talented artist that stood out amongst the others present, Artist Olivia Rose. Her work which can be found here, is fantastical and surreal as well as being highly original and truly beautiful. We also met one of the guys from The battery chicken YouTube channel while queuing to enter, they’ve got some really funny content over there so check them out and tell them Nerd Eyes Only sent you!

Zachary Levi and friends at Nerd Hq 2013

Zachary Levi and friends at Nerd Hq 2013

Nerd Hq returned alongside SDCC again and raised a whole lot of money for operation smile. Guests included Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Jared Padelicki and Jensen Ackles, Joe Manganiello and Rob Kazinsky. And all the panels can be found on the nerd machine YouTube channel here. This year it grew again and took over a San Diego baseball field orders of magnitude larger than the venue where they started out. There was also a special camp out on the field to watch Serenity with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk which looked amazing.

we had a alot of fun at LFCC and across on the YouTube channel there is some extra footage from the weekend, we chat with the guys from LOTNA (League of the no aligned, Science Fiction Group) and you can get a good idea of what being a LFCC is like. We look forward to attending next year and rest until convention season next year.


London FIlm and Comic Con Swag!

Exhibitors and Interesting Links from LFCC – (League of the non aligned science fiction group)                                                 (Paraphernalia)                                   (Holidays)                                                      (T shirts)                                          (Sells Autographs)                                  (Podcast)
Fantasy World – The Adventures of Ken(Independent Graphic Novel) (Author Jessica meats)                                      Child of the HiveCodename Omega: Omega Rising (novels)

Nerd Eyes Only, Geek Week and A New Home on Youtube! Nobody wanted it, nobody asked for it, but what has long been threatened has finally arrived, as of today the launch of the Nerd Eyes Only YouTube Channel has started! But who better to tell you about it than our founder in digital form…

So partly motivated by YouTube’s Geek Week It’s here, it’s bad, get used to it world! But in all seriousness some really cool stuff gonna be happening on the channel in the near future on top of all the stuff here as well. So jump over to YouTube subscribe and check it out!

Thanks Guys!

I’ll have a vampire to go, with no sparkles!

Blood Kiss Poster

Poster artwork and logo design by Christopher D Salmon

“Risk is a pain in the neck, it’s the price you pay for immortality.”

There is no doubt there has been an influx of “the vampire” into popular culture over the last few years. Sadly most has been sub par, and that’s being generous. However there has been some truly great stuff and I think Michael Reaves new movie Blood Kiss may fall in the latter category. On June 14th he funded said movie via Kickstarter at a total of just over $88,000 which he introduced in the video below:

Music for Kickstarter video – composer Robert Sprayberry.

So got your interest? How about a few more details. Blood Kiss is the story of Joe Belicek, a former LA homicide detective turned private investigator. One day a famous torch singer named Ruby Day (Amber Benson) Shows up in his office and wants to hire him and his associates as bodyguards. Belicek tells them their investigators not bodyguards. However she insists, invoking the name of one of his other clients, and Intrigued he accepts. By the time he learns she’s a vampire being stalked by a deranged vampire killer, it’s too late…

Portraits of Amber Benson and Neil Gaiman as they will appear in Blood Kiss by Tom Mandrake

Portraits of Amber Benson and Neil Gaiman as they will appear in Blood Kiss by Tom Mandrake

So that’s the basic plot, what about other things you need to know? Well in blood kiss the vampires are not fantastical monsters they have a symbiotic micro-organism inside them that alters mitochondrial DNA. This makes them allergic to sunlight and silver and it makes them Stronger and faster and near immortal to boot. But they still have reflections and have no aversions to crosses. Neil Gaiman will play Julian an eccentric English Hollywood movie director that films only at night and it has also been confirmed that it will star Christina Moses, but not in a huge part.

Famous haunts like the brown derby will make appearances, Amber Benson may or may not be a villainess femme fatale but will definitely sing and in a move from Buffy to blood kiss she furthers the war against sparkles. Tom Mandrake is also designing a graphic novel of the film to be made side by side, some of the early artwork for which can be seen below. Neil Gaiman breaks his acting rule of exclusively playing himself, as he did in the guild web series, animated TV show Arthur and the Simpsons to take on this new role.

Tom Mandrake Blood Kiss Graphic novel panel progression.

Tom Mandrake Blood Kiss Graphic novel panel progression.

The money raised in the Kickstarter campaign is a wonderful start but if Michael Reaves vision is to be created more always helps. With sets, digital sets, costumes, cameras and little things like feeding the crew on 16 hour days. Some extra funding can be sought now they can show that the fans want to see this, but if you can afford it donations are accepted at the movie home page ( If you live across the pond in the United States you have an opportunity to help and meet the Blood Kiss crew at San Diego Comic Con next weekend. Blood Kiss will be there at SDCC on Friday July 19th for an Blood Kiss Autograph Signing, from 4:00M-5:00PM at Booth 3919 Geekscape. Where you can meet elements of the production team that is made up of Producer Daniela Di Mase, Producer David Raiklen, Co-Producer Leah Cevoli, Editor Dave Edison,  Associate Producer Dan McKeon and Emmy award winning writer Michael Reaves.

Blood Kiss concept art by Fernando Lopez.

Blood Kiss concept art by Fernando Lopez.

So that’s Blood Kiss a new interesting take on the vampire mythology against the backdrop of 1940’s Hollywood Noire. I don’t know about you but we are genuinely looking forward to it. And if the concept art is anything to go by this could be very very fun.

Blood Kiss Important Links

The Blood Kiss Team

The Blood Kiss Team