It’s time once again for the most prestigious award in internet history the renowned and highly sort after YouTube God Award for 2016! Our previous winners Jesse Cox, Wil Wheaton and the Warpzone have ascended to the heavens and now it is time for another deity to join the pantheon.

First thing first though here are some special mentions who didn’t quite make it into the running this year but who are definitely worth your attention and maybe future inhabitants of YouTube Olympus:

Pennyarcade tv, Total Biscuit, boogie2988, Andre “black nerd”, Awe me – man at arms reforged.

Now to the countdown…

sky williams banner

#5 Sky Williams

This channel seems to have  taken on a lot of changes lately and as such has left us nothing but curious about the direction it will go. Driven by the charismatic Sky himself and largely League of legends based content, we find ourselves constantly surprised by how we’ve been drawn to this channel. Now the irregularity of the channels content however enjoyable has seen it sit lower on this list than it perhaps might’ve been but we cant wait to see how it develops. Maybe a future winner we’ll wait and see!


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bored gamer banner#4 Bored Gamer

Star Citizen may be one of the most ambitious gaming projects to ever be undertaken, directly related to that endeavor our next runner up In concert with the Star citizen channel itself Bored stands as the guide for our journey with a game that has hopes very high here at nerd eyes only home base! With any luck they will continue to thrill us as the ongoing open development moves forward. Also watch this space for some of our very own star citizen content soon…


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Jonathan Pie Banner

#3 Jonathan Pie

Let’s just be honest 2016 was a difficult year to say the least. The angry and some times controversial voice of Jonathan Pie has often struck true with the hearts and minds of people across the world. Primarily Britain-centric his rants and diatribes about the world of politics have you both thinking and laughing in the best of ways!


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cinnamontoast ken banner

#2 Cinnamon Toast Ken

There are many things that sell a channel to its audience and with Ken its charisma up the wazoo! Our first runner up provides regular gaming content and the odd Vlog or two. However we have to admit Ken is a bit of a marmite creator. Built around his effervescent Personality this is a channel you will either love or hate!


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Russel Brand Banner

#1 Russel BrandYouTube god trophy

In a year of darkness, more often than not this winning channel was a voice of hope. Now twinned with a podcast “under the skin” where Russel interviews interesting and varied voices across a wide variety of subjects. The trews works well to inform and enthuse, while ultimately his opinions might not always be shared they are always well meaning and well researched. But it is particularly its undying sentiment of hope that has won out this years YouTube god. Thank you Russel and team, in a year where we really needed it you helped us to look forward and see a better future!


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