YouTube God 2015

Welcome back, it’s that time of year yet again, time for us to crown a new Deity in the YouTube Pantheon. It’s YouTube God 2015 baby! To those who are still unaware this is the third year of YouTube God, a self titled award given by nerdeyesonly.com to the producer we think has stood out on YouTube over the last year. To date there have been two victors, the first being Mr Jesse Cox, self-proclaimed “dark YouTube god”. The Second, Wil Wheaton and the tabletop team who celebrated their victory only last year. But it is time for their ranks to swell once again as a new god must be named!

This year was yet again a difficult task to elevate just one YouTube producer to Godhood. Many fell by the wayside, so before we get onto our finalists please check out our honourable mention list for this year:

Yogscast Kim (Predominantly Minecraft content) /yogscastkim
Literally geeky (A nerdy Book club)
Lucahjin (Lets Player)
D&D Channel (acquisitions inc content specifically good) 
Boogie 2988 (Vlogger, Sketch comedy) 
Black nerd comedy (Vlogger, Reviewer) 


PATV Banner

#5 Penny Arcade TV

Making a return to our list after a year fallen from grace is the YouTube arm of the successful web comic Penny Arcade. From creators Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins and their team, It’s Penny Arcade TV at number 5. They seeded fourth the first year of our competition and failed to rank at all last year but new and quality programming has brought our attention swinging back. We’ve particularly enjoyed their new show First 15 where Jerry and mike play the “first 15” minutes of a game and comment as only they can. We hope to see more in the coming year and won’t rule out potential victory in next years competition should they build on the success of the last year.

Twitter                                                           Facebook 
YouTube Channel                                         Main website 

hot pepper gaming Channel Banner

#4 Hot Pepper Gaming

Based on a straightforward concept; eat something very spicy and review a game before your allowed to take a drink, this format was almost destined for success. The ever-changing hosts keep the show fresh and the variety of spicy food/style of game mean that two episodes are never alike. One of the recurring hosts, Jared(Pictured above), makes for particularly entertaining viewing due to his dramatic, charismatic and sometimes surprisingly witty demeanor throughout. Upon the start of each video one can always expect Hilarity to ensue with tidbits of knowledge imparted here and there. We often look forward to videos from this channel with great anticipation.

Facebook                                                        Twitter
Jared’s Twitter                                                YouTube Channel

Awe Me Banner

#3 Awe Me

Our second new entry in the running for YouTube God is the Awe Me channel. With it’s two flagship programs Men At Arms Forged and DIY Prop Shop it is a force of inspiration and ingenuity. You want to know how to craft a golden snitch or watch guys forge a real life Pyramid Head sword to destroy things, this channels got you covered. With excellent production value and genuinely intriguing subject matter this is a great a channel that almost makes up for the time between its content.

Facebook                                Twitter                            YouTube Channel

Jesse Cox Banner

#2 Jesse Cox

Again we found ourselves unable to continue without mentioning our very own YouTube “Dark” God. While again he fails by the slimmest margin to claim a second title his channels consistency and quality mean we had to recognise the first inhabitant of Nerdlympus once again in the run down to our victor. Speaking of…

Merchandise                              Google+                                                      Twitter
Facebook                                   Podcast SoundCloud                                 Tumblr  Twitch                                        Channel Link                                               Minecraft Server

The Warpzone Banner

#1 The Warp ZoneYouTube dark god trophy

Always a bridesmaid never the bride The Warp Zone made up of Davis, Schroeder, Fish, Odem and Ryan have finally done it they have ascended to a higher plane and taken their places as our new YouTube Gods!

It is the consistency, variety and quality of their content that has finally landed them the victory. Their nerd related parody fun; Lets plays, music parodies, drinking games, Podcasts, Vlogs and comedy skits are always a draw in the YouTube news feed. Will they join Jesse in Darkness or the tabletop team in silence over their rise to divinity we don’t know but we’re curious to find out!

Merchandise                                       Facebook                                     Twitter
Instagram                                           Google+                                      Channel Link 


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