Mysterious Musicians and Where to Find Them!

One thing that is genuinely prescribed to be too cool to be nerdy, is music. However as a lover of strange mixes of music and obscure artists, I feel it fits within the purview of our mandate. So here’s just a few different artists that you may or may not have heard of and hopefully you’ll find yourself a cool new favourite.



Richard Andrew, better known by his stage name Outasight, is an American singer and hip hop artist from New York. Though he is considered a Pop artist, he draws influence from other genres such as hip hop, classic rock and soul. We originally came across him through on YouTube, who early on in his vlog series used Outasight’s track, Good Evening (dream Big), as an outro. To give you a feel for Outasight, here’s a music video from his very own YouTube channel:

Amazon Link – Outasight Album – Nights Like These

Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas Castle

You almost definitely know him from the hit Comedy/Crime drama Castle with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, as Detective Javier Esposito. But you probably don’t know his musical repertoire. Although to this day Huertas has not released a massive amount of music more is coming all the time and going from strength to strength. Here’s a little taste of him from his own Youtube channel,

Amazon link – Jon Huertas – Champion



Akala, born Kingslee James Daley is an English rapper, poet, and journalist. Originally from Kentish Town,Camden, London, his older sister is rapper/vocalist Ms. Dynamite. Known for his intelligent and thought provoking lyrics as well as being able to knock out a great tune, he has also done a lot of good work within inner city initiatives. Your taster for Akala is probably his most popular song named “Shakespeare” :

Amazon Links – Akala Album – It’s Not A RumourAkala Album – Freedom Lasso & Akala Album – Double Think.

K’s Choice

K's Choice

Actually stumbled upon this natively Belgian band as a single track on the Buffy the vampire slayer soundtrack, called virgin state of mind. From then on I was hooked to the eerie melodies.Here below is the very track that introduced them to me, hopefully you will be equally hooked by it!

All Thanks to YouTube user GraveyardSymphony for this video.

Amazon Link – K’s Choice – Virgin State Of Mind

Ghost of the Robot

Ghost Of The Robot

Another Buffy related find is the band Headed by James Marsters, mostly known as Spike from aforementioned TV show, Ghost of the Robot. Known for their unique rock style music, they are based in Southern California. Here is a live recording of a personal favourite “Goodnight sweet girl” from their Official YouTube /gotrmusic.

Amazon Link – Ghost of the Robot Album – Mad Brilliant

Danilo Alimo

The last on our list of mysterious musicians and where to find them is something quite different. Predominantly just music without lyrics the YouTube user DrastyAlimo plays the guitar and makes some of the most beautiful music I have ever listened to. A large amount of it has been created as fan made versions of songs played and written by the fictional hero Kvothe of Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller chronicle novel series. The best of which is “The Felurians Song” which is embedded below:

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