Evil Dead…..the Musical?

Evil Dead the Musical

In 1981 Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and a rag-tag bunch of others set off on an adventure to create their own feature-length horror film, the film that was to become Evil Dead. Now a cult classic with two equally adored sequels and soon to have a modern remake (produced by Raimi and Campbell), it is no doubt a pillar of the horror genre. So there was obviously only one way to go with the gore-filled master of the one liner that is Evil Dead.

A musical….okay maybe not the obvious next step, but no doubt intriguing. After the work of another young rag-tag bunch, the Evil Dead Musical started it’s life in the back room of a small bar called the Tranzac club in Toronto, Canada  in 2003.

History of Evil Dead the Musical

2004 – Show opened in Montreal as a featured attraction at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

Nov, 2006 – Made it’s off-Broadway debut in New York City.

2006 – Cast album from the show debuted at No 4. on the Billboard show charts.

May, 2007 – Opened at the Diesel Playhouse in Toronto, and became subsequently the longest running Canadian show in Toronto in over two decades.

2007 – Won the Dord Audience Choice award as Toronto’s favourite show.

Present Day – Productions opened in Seoul, Tokyo, Cleveland, Calgary, California, Kalamazoo and many more locations.

More than just a stellar cast, music, and lyrics Evil Dead has another thing going for it that no other musical has, a splatter zone. Like watching Shamu at sea world except with gore bringing you right into the action. With songs like “All the men in my life keep getting killed by Candarian demons” and a great amalgamation of the Evil Dead scripts to dislike this musical is to dislike fun.

To  finish off I leave you with two things first anybody in a situation to bring this production over to the Uk PLEASE DO IT NOW !!!!!!! Information on how to do that is here on the Evil Dead the Musical Website. Secondly in other Evil Dead news, readying for the new adaptation of Evil Dead on the big screen the internet has offered up the perfect snack  Necronomicon Pizza (Pictured Below), you’re welcome.

Necronomicon Pizza

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